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Spyderco Smallfly Balisong

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    Spyderco Smallfly Balisong

    Welp, eBay won’t let you list Balisongs / Butterfly Knives anymore.

    My Spyderco Smallfly has never been carried or sharpened. I flipped it for less than a half hour in 2009-2010 and haven’t touched it in years except to wipe with tufglide cloth and lubricate joints with tufglide oil. Knife is LIKE NEW, with no packaging. This Spyderco is RARE, not quite the most rare Spydie (Phoenix), but within the top 3 easily.

    Cash price: $650 shipped to your door.
    This price and/or trade value is FIRM.
    Trades considered: Macdev Cyborgs (Prefer 07/RX, must have modern 10.5 capable board If Sonic -06l), Macdev Sonic Autocockers or Bodies, Carter markers, AGS/Taso markers, 98 PMI Bodies, Vikings/Excaliburs/Merlins, PPS Brass, “gothic” bodies (any type), Dye Hinge Frame, Winchester/Line SI Nelson Frame, New or like new NEMO 2p Hornet/Dragonfly/Dagger, CD or Eddy Touring Kayak in the southeast US or Hobie pedal drive fishing kayak located in the southeast. I will add money or expect money based on trade values, not many would make an equal trade.
    Cash is king over anything but the AKA, Macdev, or “gothic” markers.........and the Kayaks...

    You can still shave with this knife as it is still factory SHARP.

    Blade material is 154CM. Google it.

    I would be happy to take/upload super high quality photos in 12MP 4K if someone felt like they needed them. Please request specific photos and provide an email address or upload URL.
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    Bump? Price lowered.


      Bump, now accepting trades


        Any chance still available?