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Kindle Fire HD 10, NIB

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    Kindle Fire HD 10, NIB

    My wife ordered one of these thinking she would use it for homeschool for the kids, but decided afterward that she'd rather go a different route. She tried returning it, but there was some kind of issue with the return process? I think she waited too long.

    It's a Kindle Fire HD 10, brand new in a sealed box, never been opened. It's the 2021 release model, 64GB, looks like currently on Amazon it's $150-$190 range.

    Price: $100 shipped and PayPal'd, OBO.
    The money is going to my wife, so not looking for trades. Thanks guys!

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    Rainmaker's feedback:

    Bump and drop... $100 shipped
    Rainmaker's feedback:


      These things are awesome tablets. My wife and I both have one. If you're a little tech savvy and hangout at XDA, there are some really cool, simple tweaks you can do to make these even better.

      Good luck with your sale. Free up.