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F/T BNIB Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun

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    F/T BNIB Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun

    Guys, I have a BNIB Remington 870 Tactical (the one with the sidefolding stock) They're out out of stock everywhere and with good reason. They simply knocked it out of the park with this model. Versatility for home defense is off the charts. They're absolutely phenomenal. I got two, looking to trade my spare for paintball marker (s) of the rare and classic variety: Cockers, Angels, AKA guns, Matrices, etc. These retail for around $600 but they're sold out everywhere. Trade value: $750. Shipping to your FFL is $50

    Full specs:

    Feel free to contact me me with any questions

    Thanks for looking
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    Guys, Just FYI, I also have a like-new Glock 29 SF (10mm), shoots .40 perfectly fine too without the need of a conversion barrel. And I have a bunch of 30 round mags to sweeten the pot . I just have too many guns, and I find myself shooting my 9mm race guns more often these days. The Glock has less than 500 rounds through it. and it looks brand new. No scratches whatsoever. Slide action is still tense, like new. Comes with the case and lock, and everything as new. Trade value $600, with x2 10 round mags and one Glock 20 (10mm) 15 round mag. 30 round mags are extra. I can post pics later, if interested.

    i also have high performance Underwood 10mm (180 gr) hollow point ammo. Rated at 1300 FPS

    Shipping to your FFL is $50,

    Still looking for trades: my main interests: Angel IR3 Cobra, PL LED or LCD's, rare Vikings, rare Matrices, clean and PL mech Cockers (unless its a racegun, Eclipse or Karni). I'll also entertain Timmies.
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      pm inbound


        Just saw the message on my board. Message me directly so that I can get notifications. or just post here. I'm located in Miami, FL for private transfers, but otherwise I can ship to any FFL of your choosing for a flat rate fee of $50.