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FS: AimCam Pro2i Bundle (upgraded) - POV camera glasses

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    FS: AimCam Pro2i Bundle (upgraded) - POV camera glasses

    Available today are a set of AimCam Pro2i POV camera glasses. These are the latest release from AimCam. I had the previous version and the Pro2i (especially the vibration alert system) is significantly improved. Unfortunately, my shooting has NOT significantly improved, so I'm not recording anything for a good long while, lol. The lenses are impact-resistant but I wouldn't trust them on their own for paintball (though probably fine for airsoft). You may be able to run them without lenses underneath your mask depending on its clearance but I'm just speculating.

    These is the complete "standard" kit with a few additions. I've only had these a few months. Everything works as it should and looks near mint-to-mint; all of the lenses other than the polarized and clear ones haven't even been used. The only thing that keeps the glasses from being brand new are a little bit of pink residue on the camera arms from where I used nail polish to mark the camera's index. I scraped it off, but didn't dunk them in acetone or anything. I paid over $300 + shipping for this kit back in August; I'm looking for $175 shipped.

    This kit includes:
    • AimCam Pro2i POV glasses ($250)
    • 16GB MicroSD card (not pictured but it's in there)
    • Grey / Clear / Yellow Lenses
    • Data/Charging Cable
    • Hard case
    • Protective Bag
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Spare clips, screws, and nose pads
    • Tools
    • Head strap
    • All paperwork
    • Red Lenses (bonus)
    • Upgraded aluminum camera arms ($15)
    • Polarized grey lenses ($20)
    • Android "Speed Loader" - USB adapter with USB-A in, USB-C out, and Micro USB out ($15)

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    This would make sexy time more interesting...


      Originally posted by Brokeass_baller View Post
      This would make sexy time more interesting...

      WiFi enabled, though, so careful with that.


      • moving_target


        Editing a comment
        you say that as if that's not the point

      Price drop for the sexy MCB crowd - $175 shipped!