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FS: Vortex Venom, Grand Power X-Calibur, a kouple of Kahr kits, 1911 frame

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    FS: Vortex Venom, Grand Power X-Calibur, a kouple of Kahr kits, 1911 frame

    Hey all!

    Looking to move a few things I'm not using. The firearms will need to go to a FFL (obviously) - please verify that they'll accept transfers from private individuals. All payments via PP please. Shoot me any questions and thanks for taking a look!

    Vortex Venom (6 MOA) - $210 shipped

    Brand new, still sealed in plastic. Picked it up a few weeks ago but plans changed.

    Grand Power X-Calibur - $620 shipped

    It's the twisty-barrel Slovakian cousin of the CZ-75! I bought this (used) a couple months ago and have had it to the range exactly once. It's a great gun but doesn't fit into my shooting right now. As I picked it up used, the gun comes as shown with the large safeties and standard backstrap - it didn't include the other options. I added three additional 15-round magazines (~$90) for a total of five, two of which have had the follower slightly trimmed to make them... easier to load . I have a pair of Taylor Freelance mag extensions and extra power springs that increase the capacity to 20 that I can include for $50 more.

    (the mag on the left in this photo had some rust on the outside - it looked like someone left it in a puddle or something. I hit it with a scotchbrite pad and re-blued it with cold blue; it looks fine, and works without issue, but isn't finished quite as nicely as the rest)

    Kahr CT9 - $395 shipped

    This is the "full size" pistol in the Kahr line, chambered in 9mm with a 4" barrel. These are awesome guns, with liquid-smooth double-action triggers and nice, slim ergos. This one has been upgraded with a Dawson fiber optic front sight ($39), TractionGrips grip skins, a Pachmayr grip sleeve, one additional Kahr 8-round mag ($35), three 10-round ProMags ($60), and three Galloway Precision +1 magazine extensions ($36). Also included is an IWB holster and original box/lock/keys.

    The gun is in good shape overall - not a safe queen by any means, but no heavy wear and no major issues. I've only tried the ProMags a few times - they stick out of the bottom but seem to work okay other than not locking the slide back on empty. Ping me for more photos if you're interested.

    Kahr PM9 - $450 shipped

    This is the "premium" subcompact 9mm in the Kahr line. Same great ergos, but upgraded with a polygonal-rifled barrel and a "blackened stainless" slide. I changed the sights on this one to Dawsons in the front and rear ($90) and fitted a Hogue HandAll grip sleeve. Included are one 6-round magazine with pinky extension, two 7-round magazines, and an additional two 7-round magazines ($66), as well as the factory case, paperwork, lock and key, and test round. I'm also throwing in a few holster options (all right-handed) - a StealthGear Ventcore hybrid IWB ($99) and a pair of IWB kydex holsters ($60).

    This gun has slightly more carry wear than the other Kahr but is in good shape. It's never had so much as a hiccup when shooting. Again, more pics on request so I don't crash the thread.

    1911 Frame - $160 shipped

    This was originally from a RIA Tact II TCM model. I built a .45 using it but have since swapped those parts over to a 2011 so this is just taking up room in my safe. It's cut for a Clark/Para ramp and includes a bushing magwell, G10 grips, star-bit grip screws, grip safety (not fitted), an installed plunger tube, and a .45 ejector. The top passenger side grip bushing is spinning so I imagine those threads will need to be chased or re-threaded.

    (the frame is grayish-black; the lighting is making it look gold)

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    Your state may matter to a potential buyer. In Kansas no FFL required for private sale between two non-prohibited parties who live here.


      Unfortunately, I live in Colorado - FFL is required no matter who I'm transferring to.


        What would it take to make the 1911 operable, cost wise?


          Originally posted by bellicose View Post
          What would it take to make the 1911 operable, cost wise?
          Great question! It really depends how much work you can/want to do yourself versus what you'd need a gunsmith for.

          - Complete top-end: I've bought fitted ones from eBay in the $400-500 range. If you buy the pieces individually (barrel, slide, sights, extractor, firing pin, firing pin stop, bushing, recoil spring, recoil spring plug, recoil spring guide) and fit them yourself, probably a bet less, especially if you buy used
          - Ignition components*: Hammer, strut, sear, disconnector; a competition kit is $130 or so, but again, you could save a bunch by getting them individually
          - Bottom end parts (large)*: Thumb safety, mainspring housing, trigger, mag release. Maybe $100 all-in?
          - Bottom end parts (small)*: Pin kit, sear spring, plunger spring, mainspring. Ballpark $30 - $40.

          *I have all of these parts off of various 1911 projects I've done. I probably even have some of the top-end components (but not a slide, barrel, etc). I could build you a loaded frame if you were super-keen on this one and you'd just need to do the top end and fix the one grip bushing (I don't have tools for that).


            Some price drops because I like all of y'all.