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Guitar Pedals - Dunable and Precision Drive

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    Guitar Pedals - Dunable and Precision Drive

    Selling a few pedals I've decided I'm not going to use anymore. Thought I'd try posting them here before going thru the hassle of Reverb.

    Dunable Splatterblaster

    This is a 2-in-1 Superfuzz and HM-2 built into one pedal, with stereo capability and some cool blending capabilities. Really nasty sounding (in a good way). Barely used, less than 10 hours total play time. Has some minor wear on the bottom from being in a drawer (additional pictures available at request)- $250

    Dunable Eidolon

    Dave Davidson signature pedal, 3-in-1 delay, reverb, clean boost. Everything you need to play a solo with the added bonus of a tap tempo and a mod switch. Near mint condition. - $225

    Horizon Devices Precision Drive

    TS-style overdrive made for modern metal. The ideal drive pedal for low tunings, the attack knob both cuts lows and accentuates pick attack. Additional built-in noise gate. Near mint condition - $175

    Unfortunately, I do not have the box for any of these.

    All prices include shipping to the US, international shipping available at buyer's expense. Maybe interested in guitar pedal-related trades, feel free to offer.

    Really.... You post a Precision Drive... the same week my wife decides we need a new car lol. Damn you sir. Good luck though. Trades for PB related items?


      I'm certainly open to offers.