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WTB Lapco Tight stick .678 and .684 16" Matte Black

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    WTB Lapco Tight stick .678 and .684 16" Matte Black

    Trying to get some Matte Black Tightsticks that will match my guns a little better. is currently out of the 16" .678 and .684 in Matte Black. I ordered the other 2 sizes but would like to have the complete set if possible.


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    Try sending them an email to get on the list for the next batch. They are usually pretty responsive. They let me know when what I wanted came back in stock. Don’t know if Covid messed with all that or not but it’s worth a try. They are hard to find especially in specific bore sizes.


      I was afraid of that, but I'll shoot them a message. Luckily I have some gloss ones to hold me over.

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      • Chuck E Ducky

        Chuck E Ducky

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        I got an 681 it rocks!