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WTB spyder VS upgrades

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    WTB spyder VS upgrades

    Hey MCB. Im hoping someone can help me. Maybe a CP dealer here in the mix?

    Looking for a Spyder VS regulator adapter ( must)
    spyder barrel ( not entirely needed)
    And a new hpr for a spyder. (Maybe cp, this is not important)

    I just attempted to buy the reg adapter in dust silver, and a 14" .685 barrel from CPs website, but my zip code is not in their UPS jurisdiction, so I cant buy from them directly. I was gonna bargain shop for the hpr after the fact.

    ideally, Id like to buy a dust silver cp reg, dust silver .685 spyder barrel, and a dust silver reg adapter for the vs series markers. But at the end of the day colors dont matter, and barrel preference doesnt matter. I really just NEED a vs series regulator adapter to start.

    Can anyone help a guy out with any of the above?

    Please Note, Im out the door for a vacation, so I may not have the funds for the hpr quite yet if you have the whole package deal for me.

    Long story short, im getting my bro in law back into paintball. He used to shoot a spyder in his teens, and I took him out for an outing using my ego 7. He loved it, and mentioned wanting his own marker.

    I got him a spyder vs2 off of craigslist. Figured its a good blalend of spyder and ego, but the regulator leaks. Im at a crossroads of si.ply change it outfor a standard reg, or attempt to rebuild this one. From my research the spyder regs are finicky.

    That UPS thing comes up for any zip code on web orders now. I’d give them a call or email.


      I have a spyder barrel freak back if you already use that platform. That version of spyder regulator is fine if you rebuild it.


        How much on the back sir?