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WTB 50 Round Pods

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    WTB 50 Round Pods

    Looking for 50 round pods for pump play. I’m looking for a total of 5 pods.

    You can get these cheaper shipped new, then it would be for someone to mail you there used ones.


      These are pretty good quality and good price. They have very solid lids.


        Only thing I don’t like about those pods is they hold a lot more then 50 paintballs so they over fill most 50 round hoppers. Over filling is the #1 cause of jams in non powered hoppers.

        If you add a little adhesive foam to the lids it helps knock the capacity down and or modify hoppers to hold more They will work.

        But The GXG / Valken pods are closer to most 50 round hopper capacity’s. This allows you to load a pod and have room to shake into the hoppers feedneck.


          I have a few hundred GXGs in white 28.00 for 6 shipped