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WTB: Lucky Stage 4/5/5.1 Ion parts

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    WTB: Lucky Stage 4/5/5.1 Ion parts

    Looking for Lucky Ion Parts, specifically the full body/bolt/internals (Stage 5/5.1) and Board/solenoid combo (Stage 4).

    If you have an Ion with these parts, I may be interested in buying the full marker.
    Last edited by Lotus; 08-13-2020, 09:50 AM.

    I'm selling my lot
    Whats in it:
    1 UK stock board (turns on, but powerbutton has seen better days)
    1 US stock board
    1 blackheart board
    Some eyes (dont know if they work)
    2 stock frames
    1 stock breach (pink one)
    1 lucky stage 5 with broken eyes and leaks bad (easy to resolder)
    1 hero frame (anno is grinded off)
    2 spitfire boards that are broken, but maybe someone can fix them.
    some bolts
    barrels and regs
    and one macdev ion (put a droid board in the black hero frame, changed the connection on a mac33 noid and relocated the switch. it powers on, the noid clicks but the gun leaks)
    I live in Belgium, but i don't mind shipping to the us.
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        Still looking