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Stock system for phantom

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    Stock system for phantom

    Looking for a stock for cci phantom. Something that bolts to trigger frame in place of grip, or something that replaces it altogether.


    M16 or 45 block?


      What grip do you have now? Dose it have a place to mount a stock?

      Phantom takes AR style grips so there are tons of grip options some you can mount stocks to some like the M16 you need adapters for. But they are out there. There is an insert type and and a one piece adapter stock. They are a lil harder to find, if you have this grip style. But they are out there.

      Most new ones have 45 frames and you can just bolt up just about any stock to. The the stocks that come from CCI / Extreme come in a fixed L stock and an adjustable T style. However many other companies make them this is just what they currently make now. You can mix and match them but they don’t come that way. I run a fixed shaft from
      an L with the back of a T on my phantom and I really like it.

      Doc Machine makes really nice P block stocks so you can mount a small tank below the stock. He also makes L stocks that are really nice I find them to be the perfect length for me.

      Longbow made T and L stocks but I think people are having a hard time getting them so I wouldn’t go this route.

      Then you got your rare stuff like the Carter’s the JCS folding stocks, and Custom jobs people have done. Those can get pricy.


      • Trygve
        Trygve commented
        Editing a comment
        Right, should have been more clear.

        Im looking for something that would do away with the 45 frame and mount directly to the trigger group and turn it into more of a rifle shape.

        Probably a custom thing, or something no longer produced.

        Thanks for the reply!