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Lime green shoebox Shocker Sport

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    Lime green shoebox Shocker Sport


    I am trying locate a lime green late model (~2002) Shocker Sport. I'm hoping for one in near-mint, but am open to anything. Please note that I am NOT interested in the dark green, I want the green pictured below.

    Willing to pay cash or trade weird shit.

    💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀

    Bump, please help me find my green grail!
    💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀


      Did you ever own one or want one when you were a newer player. Just curious if there is a story.


      • Jonnydread


        Editing a comment
        The shortened version:

        So one of the first fully electro-pneumatic guns I ever laid hands on was a 98 shocker sport. It was so heavy and awkward, but it shot AMAZING. I had only ever used cheap Walmart pumps and Spyders/Tippmanns so anything fancier was crazy. This was back around 2001-2002, after fondling the shoebox I bought a bunch of paintball magazines so I could ogle the crazy guns. I found the above pictured ad for 2k2 vertical feed shoeboxes and fell in love with the lime green color. I could absolutely not afford one at the time so I just cut out the picture and hung it on my wall and stared at it.

        Fast forward a couple years - the Ion came out I was playing a lot of competitive speedball, I still wanted the shocker, but the shoebox just could not keep up with other electros in the tournament scene, so I sadly let it slip away. I ended up getting burnt out on paintball from my experiences in competitive play and stopped playing in 2006.

        In 2009 I started playing pump with a local outlaw crew and found my love for the game again. Now that I had a bit more disposable income I tried to find the one that got away, come to find out that the shoebox had been discontinued right after the 2k2 release and that they were hard to come by, specifically in that color green. I've been casually searching ever since, but lately the pull of nostalgia has been strong so I've doubled down on my efforts to find this forgotten unicorn.

      💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀