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WTB Kaner Tactical 14”

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    WTB Kaner Tactical 14”

    Please!!!! It’s for a friend. Even if it’s a 16” show me what you got!!!

    I've been searching too. Regret selling the ones I had. Also they only come in 14" and 18" tips.
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    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


      Pb gateway has them in raw polished, they only have 18 inch tips available currently

      I tried to order a 14 a few weeks ago and they refunded me the money for the tip and shipped the back so I wound up placing an order for an 18 inch tip, might be worth calling and checking if you really want to make sure
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      • iamthelazerviking
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        Which back did you buy? I had to file a claim to get my refund for a 691 tac Kaner back and 14" tip

      • alpha_q_up


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        I got an the tactical kaner .687 in polished raw, I mean it's on its way to bmc for freak boring at the moment so bore isn't an issue, but still odd that you had to file a claim, they seems to still have 691 listed

      I believe Joe from Flag Raiders had a new in box 5pc kit he was trying to sell for 250, not sure if he ever sold it.