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[ISO] Armotech Zeus G2

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    [ISO] Armotech Zeus G2

    I’m just kinda starting to look into these so I’m not really sure what the market looks like. I’ve been wanting to get a pistol though. Any recommendations or units that people are trying to move right now, or at least looking for an idea of price range.

    Actually… apparently what I’m looking for is a Warsensor Zeus+…


      I was watching one on the bay that literally just sold on the bay for $125 (not to me)...that's about my knowledge of pricing for one
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        I have one and a huge parts kit. I will take some pics and put them up Friday.


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          That would be great!

        Dug it up and it's missing the magazine.

        Cycles but has a leak as it has not been touched in years.

        Rando bunch of parts. The rest of the parts kit is for other Warsensor markers.


          I appreciate you showing me but it’s not the model I’m looking for and without the mag I’m not sure I’d be interested.