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DYE UL Tip Black (Not Gloss or Dust, that in between one) OR Whip Tip

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    DYE UL Tip Black (Not Gloss or Dust, that in between one) OR Whip Tip

    Hey All,

    Looking for a 14" Dye UL Tip, I have sets in gloss black and dust black already, but there's this one weird.. semi gloss black back I have that I kinda want to get the tip for, a little bit of OCD. Alternatively I could just sell the back and never have to worry about it lolll..

    OR if anyone has a Dye Whip UL Whip Tip .697 laying around they don't use, I could also pick up off your hands.


    It is hard to get the picture to do it justice but the Blue is a gloss, the Back is a dust and the Black tip is like in the middle. The flash makes it look way more gloss than it really is. If this is what you are looking for, hit me up, I could let it go.
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    • Lawn
      Lawn commented
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      I think this is Exactly what I'm looking for, cause that's how I compare with both my gloss and my dust.

    Cool, pm me if it works. I just measured it, and it was 14.5", huh? Is that normal?

    Anyway Maybe this pic is better, Dust on top and Gloss on the bottom.
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    • shooter311
      shooter311 commented
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      Those aren't scratches on the barrel they are smudges from tape or something. I think the barrel is new, but I'm not 100% on that. I don't see any scratches or nicks on it.