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WTB Vice parts

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    WTB Vice parts

    hey all,

    i have a vice i picked up as a mostly working project (it shoots, ive fixed all the leaks) but now it needs some love.

    i REALLY need a virtue OLED display so i can actually change shooting modes, etc.

    other boards
    -frenzy 4.0 (i think?)
    -tadao ebisu
    id like to get a board that would allow me to shoot 5.5 for some mech days (when i dont want to shoot my m170 or ressi, lol)

    s-class trigger
    -red or black

    grips. plane jane black is best here. rubber is nice but i would look at acrylic as well, if someone wants to make some. (smoke acrylic? hmmmmm)

    dust black body and frame.

    hush bolt

    zero ping ram

    i wouldnt mind having some spares so just show me what you have and we can talk.


    Are you still interested pm asap

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