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Eye repair?

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    Eye repair?

    I seem to recall someone here was doing eye repairs? I've got an Inspire BFG (rebranded Air Challenger TG101) that a customer brought in that needs some eye work. The photosensor side works, but the IR LED appears to be dead. Me and small wires do not get along, as my hands are about as stable as Tweek after a ten cups of coffee. I'm hoping to replace the dead IR LED with a Red LED, since I really do prefer visible light LED in breakbeam eye designs, as it helps in diagnostics. Anybody out there who can help me out with this?
    I can haz feedback?
    If I owe you feedback, just remind me, as I sometimes forget.

    So I'm not familiar with the gun you're talking about. But I am good with small wires/electronics. Could you take some pictures of the eyes/harness/connector?


    • William the Third

      William the Third

      Editing a comment
      I see if I can get one tomorrow, otherwise it will be next week when I have some free time.