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WTB well cared for Tippmann 68 Carbine

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    WTB well cared for Tippmann 68 Carbine

    I don't care if it's a bit weathered, but I'm looking for something that's well oiled and used recently, not a crusty ex-rental or barn find.

    ​​​​​Willing to pay a bit extra if it's still shiny and new looking.

    I have two for sale.


      Originally posted by FredMnkyDad10 View Post

      They haven't been gone through since you posted them, have they? Do you know if the valves are the later version that work with compressed air?

      Since I'd probably need to rebuild the valves, I'd need to know if they can be taken apart with regular snap ring pliers or if they have horrible C rings that need a surgeon to get apart without breaking.


      • Myrkul
        Myrkul commented
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        It's pretty rare to find one that is the older floating valve style. I'd be confident that these are the newer style.

        It's the same style front ring that was in the 98c for years. I've found that if you use a pencil eraser to hold them in place, then slip a pocket knife under the edge of the ring you can get them out pretty easily.

      • BrickHaus


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        Couple of seal picks, and a couple if holes in your thumb is a small price to pay. Lol

      I actually air them up when I posted and couple months back. Using air not co2. 1 does have a leak, the other no leaks and cycles fine. I have not pulled the valve to check, i can do that this weekend and get you pictures if you like.


        Just saw this at SGW.


          I have a pro lite if you are interested.

          I can rebuild it, fresh detent even before shipping

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            I just sold a guy 2 and he planned on selling the second one in case you are still looking. He is a member on here.

            Edit: Meleager7