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WTB: T2W stock and a VSC Grey Ghost, or something nicer?

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  • KingxSlinky666
    Bump, stock found. Still need that fancy nelson...

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  • KingxSlinky666
    commented on 's reply
    Messaged ya, thanks!

  • Grub
    I have a T2W (or two) available, shoot me a pm


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  • WTB: T2W stock and a VSC Grey Ghost, or something nicer?

    Well after years of pretty much only using a phantom I've come to the realization I'm pretty much just not interested in playing with anything that's not stock class, so its time to add something thats not a phantom to the collection.

    Mostly looking for a VSC grey ghost with a matching stock since I've always wanted one. But I would also would seriously consider the right buzzard or if miracles do happen a gargoyle(probably a bit more then what I really want to spend).

    I also need a spec ops T2W.