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WTB cccm pump handle

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    WTB cccm pump handle

    Looking for a clear blue or clear orange ccm pump handle

    Check out ODM He makes real nice ones and you won’t pay the CCM resellers tax. Finding a CCM one will be hard and you will pay too dollar for it. ODM can make you whatever you want. For less then 1/4-1/3 the price of what your going to find a CCM one for.

    ☻ Fully CNC machined Mini Pump Handles. ☻ Length 3.1" with plate. ☻ Aluminium & Acrylic translucent version. ☻ Numerous Color options on both the handles and pump plates. ☻ Splash / Acid wash on plates - Fade on the handles ☻ Will fit your existing plate. ☻ Hitman Mod option available ☻ Alternative


    • Jonbrb
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      whats his instagram??

    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

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      I would give you the link but my Instagram account is locked for good due them asking me questions I made fake answers up for because I didn’t want to give them real info. old dirty modder or ODM something you will see his logo is like a custom grip panel he makes those to.