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Apocalypse or Xemon Style Springfeed

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    Apocalypse or Xemon Style Springfeed

    Just looking for one of the Apocalypse/Xemon Style Springfeed with the pivoting hinge system for my phantom.

    Not really a fan of the new one CCI put out and have wanted one forever. Can finally afford it, but now there are no current runs of either!

    I'm aware Xemon is working on a fourth run to be announced at an unknown future date but just seeing if there's anything out there in meantime.
    Old Feedback (Original MCB):

    Current Feedback:

    Oddly enough, I have one I am not using and don’t see myself ever taking full advantage of…

    full disclosure: I think mine is a xemon run and the springs were kinda odd. I cut mine down a hair because i was having issues with binding and essentially the balls were not feeding properly.

    im willing to let mine go, but I did cut off two rings of the spring in an effort to reduce the binding issue. It seems to have helped but I haven’t play tested it yet, just done some basic plinking in the yard, and it’s been ok. I find it has issues over 15 rounds, so I keep it to 10 or so (also running it with a cci feed tube in back, so capacity is roughly 20 balls) and it’s been ok. Believe xemon has new springs in the works, but can’t confirm when those will be available.

    If you are still interested, pm me.
    Rockin' a Phantom and a T2...CCI & CCM for the win.

    My Feedback: