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WTB Olive Proshield

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    WTB Olive Proshield

    I love my old style Spectras, a/k/a Proshields, and have 3, including the amazing NOS one I got from BrickHaus last year. In fact, I like that one so much that I'm looking for another olive green Proshield. This is for actually playing in, not collecting or reselling, so a bit of wear and tear is fine. The JT collecting crowd on Facebook is a little too proud of their wares in my opinion. Happy to pay a reasonable price depending on condition, with the big factor being whether I'll need to replace the foam and/or strap.

    Got one with some valuable old school strap worth more than the mask itself? That's fine, keep the strap and sell me the mask and frame.

    The Automag: Not as clumsy or random as an electro. An elegant marker for a more civilised age.

    I might have what you are looking for. Sending a PM.
    WTB Micromag Foregrip, ICD Sight Rail, SP Gadget Grip(no barrel plug version), Purple VL2000


      I have NOS in package hard ears and Visors is it helps..
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        I’ve got more old proshield stuff than I know what do with


          Sorry I don't know JT masks all that well, is this what you are after?

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          • MrBarraclough
            MrBarraclough commented
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            Yep. How are the ears? the little tabs through which they are bolted to the bottoms are a stress point that can crack.

          • Chuck E Ducky

            Chuck E Ducky

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            You can always drill them and attach them the same way other ears attach. I do this with mine all the time, I like the hard ears as well.

          So looking at it the lense is cracked. One ear is also broken at that point you mentioned. Foam is intact and looks good but is a little fragile. It's been sitting in a bin for at least 10+ years... probably a lot longer

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