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Wtb/t: Beater grade automsg RT classic.

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    Wtb/t: Beater grade automsg RT classic.

    Back story..... I want to copy cat the never produced "shocktech RT" prototype seen below. It's a rough picture of a picture I took at IAO many moons ago (98 or 99) I handled it and know what I need to do but I feel terrible cutting up the rt I have now because it was a gift from a friend.

    What I need....

    Clean body non euro and a usable rail and valve.

    Nothing else.

    Prefer to grab it on a trade.

    I got this one I was going to try to sell for my friend. Currently leaking at the top banjo seal, or the body halves. I ran out of air before I could nail it down.. I'm thinking its likely the top banjo bolt o ring.

    I have the crown point somewhere...
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      Too pretty.... I don't need one that complete