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No announcement yet.

Ghost Flanker’s Automag MFG Order Thread

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    Ghost Flanker’s Automag MFG Order Thread

    The Automag MFG mod is a service that turns your classic Airgun Designs Automag or Minimag into an FSR and roundball capable magfed marker. Automag MFGs are Autococker threaded and take Dye DAM magazines. (I’ve still yet to determine whether Planet Eclipse’s magazine kits and upcoming continuous mags will be MFG compatible without a Level 10 anti-chop bolt).

    This mod comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any and all craftsmanship related issues. If your gun isn’t working or feeding properly because of something I did, I’ll make it right. And if it’s your fault its not working, I’ll probably still hook you up.

    Not all AGD markers and parts will work for this mod. Before you send me your Automag or Minimag, be sure to check the following;

    1.) Must have a stainless steel twistlock body that is not pump milled. (Roughly 40% of twistlock bodies came with pump milling from the AGD factory, so if you’re not 100% certain what pump milling looks like, please ask before you ship!)
    2.) Must have an unmilled classic AM/MM rail.
    3.) Must have an uncut classic carbon fiber frame. I need that trigger guard to be intact.

    Additionally, any AGD bolt and valve (excluding the Classic RT valve) will work just fine for this mod. ANS Venturi bolts will also work provided the foamie is not missing.

    Level 7 bolts will, in fact, chuff and reset like a Level 10 bolt when dry fired against Planet Eclipse followers (green) in the breech. However, excessive dry firing in this manner should be avoided due to the possibility of superficial damage to the followers. No such restrictions are recommended if using either Dye DAM followers (black), a Level 10 bolt, or both.

    First, leave a comment on this thread stating your wish to be placed on the waiting list. Then PM me your mailing address and an alternate contact such as an email and/or phone number. Be warned, wait times for these mods are typically quite substantial as I do have a day job and each of these mods require an obscene amount of work to complete. When your turn is coming up, I’ll notify you to ship your gun to me.

    There is no deposit required to place an order, and no payment is due until after your gun has been completed, thoroughly tested, and is ready to ship back to you. The cost of the MFG mod is $309 plus shipping. If you’d like to provide your own AC barrel adapter and/or Dye magwell to bring the cost down, I’ll be happy to accommodate.

    Here are a few additional options I now offer with the MFG mod:

    - MFG Twistlock Barrel Mod: $5
    Got a twistlock barrel you think would be perfect for your MFG? Ship it to me along with your gun. A shallow hole drilled just in front of the feedport of your favorite twistlock barrel will allow you to swap it with your AC threaded adapter while still retaining its full compatibility with your traditional hopper fed classic Automags. Keep in mind, though, the modded barrel can only be removed from an MFG with a hex wrench. Yeah, it’s not for everybody, but it’s how I like to run my personal MFGs.

    Weaver Rail Mod: $30

    If you have a scope that you’d like to use on your MFG to get the most out of your FSRs, then this is a must. These rails are far more stable than those old Automag sight rails that slip from side to side no matter how hard you tighten them down. Fits my Supremacy scope perfectly.

    - Valve Service: $20 labor plus parts
    Air leaks? Velocity issues? Not firing at all? Don’t feel like dealing with it? Let me know and I’ll get your valve cycling like new again. $20 flat labor fee plus parts at cost.

    ATTENTION: If you put in an order with me before the hack on MCB and we haven’t communicated since, please be aware that I no longer have your contact information. It was all lost in the hack. All I have from you is your screen name and order number. If you still want the MFG mod, please PM me your name, address, email, and/or phone contact and I’ll make sure you don’t get skipped over.

    Spartacus 1045
    *Greenmtnphantom 1015
    *Marcos1211 1016
    Bedrosian 1046
    SwinGenX 1047 📦 (PM me. Your MFG is ready.)
    Raynentye 1048 📦 (in progress)
    tony33 1049
    magcrazy 1050
    DirrtyVans 1051
    Survivalking5000 1054
    mwerne04 1055
    Alexndle 1056
    Arturo/Arthur 1057 📦
    Nanderson89 1058
    Knuckle Dragger 1059
    Smoking Nun 1060
    Calvin Ledford 1061
    Svxcess 1062
    Interl0per 1063
    RAT TAT TAT 1064
    mrflint 1066
    mjlynnjr 1067
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      I’d love to be put on the waiting list for one of your Flanker mods! Todd Boyko is pming you now (svxcess)


        Ahh crap I guess I'm in, PMing


          Absolutely on board!


          • Ghost Flanker
            Ghost Flanker commented
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            Gotchu on the list.

          Will you be offering any TiPX version? (Using TiPX mags)


          • Ghost Flanker
            Ghost Flanker commented
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            I may be able to figure out a way to attach a TiPX magwell of some kind. That’s a big maybe, though. But I’m willing to look into it and give it a shot.

          Official post from me even though we connected already via PM, thanks.


            About needing the front trigger guard. How much of it do you need for structural integrity? If someone wanted to slap one of these into a rifle stock.


            • Ghost Flanker
              Ghost Flanker commented
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              I PMed you with a long-winded response, but if you're looking to build a magfed automag with a rifle stock, it would be better to custom build it around the stock rather than try to convert an already-built MFG into a rifle stock. There'd definitely be some changes I'd make in building your gun from the way I currently build MFGs. Feel free to call, text, or email me if you'd like me to help out more with your build.

            I’d like to be added to the list.


            Hi, everyone. I'd like to make a quick announcement. From here on in, all MFGs leaving my workshop will feature a small improvement that will significantly increase the sturdiness of the magwell.

            This new rear magwell bracket pictured here will make it capable of accommodating the weight of high capacity magfed loaders such as box mags and drum mags, not to mention eliminating the possibility of accidentally bumping the back of your magazine on a bunker you're shooting over and rotating your magwell on its front screws causing your magazine to empty itself. It happened to me for the first time while I was playing the night game at Dominion 6.

            The bracket pictured above is bare aluminum, but all brackets in the future will be made from thinner gauge steel with a matte black patina for a slimmer profile and less noticeable appearance.

            This is something I should have been doing on these mods from the start. I just hadn't figured out a way to do it simply and effectively until now. All MFGs in the wild should have this bracket. If you own an MFG and want this for your gun, please PM me about shipping your gun back to me to have this retrofitted free of charge.
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            • Stilgar


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              How difficult would it be to install ourselves?

              Its a very generous offer but Cross border shipping sucks!

            Okay, I HAVE to have one of these. I'll pm you details, but damn I'm late getting in on this!


              I don't want to be a PITA, but did I post too late and miss out? 😞


              • Alexndl


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                Step1 : leave a comment on this thread stating your wish to be placed on the waiting list.

                Step 2 : Then PM Ghost Flanker your mailing address and an alternate contact such as an email and/or phone number.

                You did step 1 but have you PM him?

                Note the waiting time for this is long (close to a year)
                He is currently midway trough the list

                He is still making some so dont worry your time will come

              • Hitech
                Hitech commented
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                I tried to PM him, but I am unsure if it went through. Obviously I'm new here, and I don't see my PM in the "Message Center", but then I'm not sure I should.

                I'll just try to be patient. Thanks for the reply.

              • Ghost Flanker
                Ghost Flanker commented
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                Sorry about that, Hitech. I just replied to your message. You're on the list.

              Nothing to be sorry about! Thanks. 😎


                The anticipation is too real. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.


                  Are you still taking orders?


                  • Ghost Flanker
                    Ghost Flanker commented
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                    Yes I am. You're on the list. It might take quite a while but I'll get to you eventually.