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Brass Work

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    Brass Work

    I'd like to start building what I would consider one of my dream guns but not sure who exactly is doing brass work at the moment.

    What I'd really like is:
    Bolt Action
    Side tube with Thadapter
    Cartridge Valve
    .682/684ish barrel on the longer side. Something similar to Bacci's KL
    Possibly some sort of iron sights but not a neccessary feature

    Pretty much a G&H Customs Bolt Action but I don't believe they're taking work anytime in the foreseeable future from when I contacted them. Palmer's may be able to do it but I don't know about quality or turnaround time.

    Stock portion isn't needed since it's something I'd like to fit myself. I also have a 2k PGP and a KP2 that I'm more than willing to sacrifice to the cause to aid in its construction.

    If anyone is up to the task or knows who would be, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.

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    I cant speak for his workload and or wanting of the gig, but I'd be sending my brass to WALZ . Go look in the armory Sheridan section and find many of his posts of recent builds. He creates some amazing shooters.

    There are other guys on here that have made some crazy stuff too, but Walz is the only one I know has been actively churning out customer projects within the past month.


    • OpusX


      Editing a comment
      This is the correct answer. You need some llama goodness.

    Sounds like you want a KBA 20/20. I bet if you wrote a really nice letter to BretG, he might be open to it.


      Originally posted by netsurferdude2 View Post
      Sounds like you want a KBA 20/20. I bet if you wrote a really nice letter to BretG, he might be open to it.
      I messaged a couple times before the old forum went down and he was unfortunately busy or couldn't acquire the supplies when he wasn't. I'm guessing he's back to being busy again and I don't want to be obnoxious about it. It is what I'm after though.

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