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Machinist Needed

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  • KPCS

    When you cut the back, drill, bore to size, threading your at about $45.00
    ASP has a while valve body in stock for $36.00 I would shoot them a massage.

    Ken W

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  • Lt. head-shot
    It will be a bit longer, but ASP made a run of straight ASA's that will do the job you are looking for.

    Wish I could help, I could make the cut but don't have the tools to do internal ASA threads.

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  • BLachance75
    started a topic Machinist Needed

    Machinist Needed

    I’m looking to see if anyone is willing to do a small machining job for me.

    I want to take a Phantom back bottle asa and have it cut down and have asa threads cut into it. I don’t need for there to be a tank pin. I want to be able to screw a bucket changer directly in-line with the body.

    I want it cut right in front of the threaded hole where I put the red line then have asa thread cut in there.

    If someone is willing and able to do it please send me a message.