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    I bought a co-axial indicator and decided to practice on something. Still need a bit more practice because the feedneck is off to the left a hair. I bored it to older ego feedneck stub spec so there is still enough meat to go empire feedneck stub. Do you guys indicate off inside or outside of the feedneck?

    I do less machining than most of the guys here, but Id do an inside sweep. If not for anything else, its the fixed surfqce in the process. You may have an issue with clamping the body so low as well. May want to use something to clamp up to the feedneck shoulder to keep it from delfecting. Id almost use a pair of matched shims. Im no expert at all, but Im also trying to learn so I wanted to try to help.

    When you say the feedneck is off to the left are ypu saying that from the perspective of your mill?( x axis)

    Or your marker body relative to firing? ( y axis)


      I did have the body drop down at the way to the bottom of the vise at first. The bubble sticker on the left side of the body was halfway in wouldn't let me get a good clamp on the body. I should of used parallels on the side of the body to keep from having to crash the bubble sticker or just slid the body back so the sticker would be outside the vise jaws.

      The feedneck is off the y axis a few, you can feel with the feedneck on that feedneck is not concentric to the feed port.

      I might redo it to empire spec since I still have meat left to recenter and empire spec feedneck would be easier to find then old ego spec I assume.