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Double ION Cannon

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    Double ION Cannon

    Posted a walk through video on the FB group Custom Paintball Markers, but thought I would post here too since not everyone is over there.
    I spent far more than I wanted to on this, and I only say that because I don't know exactly how much I spent- when I needed parts i just made sure they were in the budget (or not) and bought them. I hunted deals and bought seconds on some stuff, but still looking at probably around $300 over 8 months.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is the Double ION Cannon (SW fans, rejoice), made from two ION cores, SP-1 bodies, HALOs, 50cal ammo cans, as well as some pvc pipe, and some welded steel.
    It is arduino powered and alternates firing the markers. It currently has no external control over the BPS available, until I get some more buttons installed in the control panel. Eventually, it will also have RFID access, which will act as a secondary safety measure when not being actively used.

    The halos running on the upgraded motors at only 4v appear to be able to feed around 10-15bps, which is the max I plan on letting each marker fire. The final form of the programming and control layout will enable the turret to fire from 4 to 15 bps (total).

    A specific piece of the design is that the entire top, mounted on the toilet flange, picks up and can be handed up onto the top of the jeep tank I am building, and drops right into another piece of 4 inch pipe, mounted to a rotating ring.

    Click image for larger version

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    FEEDBACK Orracles (coming soon)


      Nice dude


        Beyond wicked. What's the use case? Anti-squirrel bird feeder defense?


          Thanks guys! I'm working on getting some videos put together and ill post links in the OP when i get there. There are firing videos in the Custom group linked above if you want to get them faster.

          Originally posted by russc View Post
          Beyond wicked. What's the use case? Anti-squirrel bird feeder defense?
          Use? Uh, paintball.
          Squirrels? Even I might call PETA on you for that comment lol. No, I only hunt The Most Dangerous Game.... other magfed players!