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Morlocked dangerous power rev-i

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    Morlocked dangerous power rev-i

    Since dangerous power went out of business. It's been impossible to source boards that work with this marker. So I decided to morlock it.

    Very tight fit since it NEEDS a 9v to run the solenoid above 2-3bps. Eyes aren't wired in yet. ( Long story on the eyes)Click image for larger version

Name:	20221007_094017.jpg
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Name:	20221007_094253.jpg
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    Nicely done.

    Good luck with the eyes! A higher gauge wire might help. A full set of JST connectors with usable crimpers are only like $20 these days.
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      So I had eyes installed originally.. I sold the marker locally and the guy I sold I to decided he wanted to take it apart for some reason. He pinched the female connector I had on the eyes and threw them out. He also ended up yanking on the secondary capacitor and ripping the wires out of it..

      So I purchased it back and started fiixing it but ran out of female 4 pin connectors. So I'm going to run it blind until I order more

    Awesome. I owned one of these for a bit. Was a very fun marker. Glad to see you breathing new life into it!
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      Here's a video of it. I don't know how to embed it.
      Edit-linked the wrong video
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        That's a thing of beauty.