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iiterator arts and design hub

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    iiterator arts and design hub

    Hey guys haven't been posting much in the 3d printing section cause I haven't been doing much 3d printing =( but I'm getting back into the swing of things. Anyways I'll be posting more projects and hanging round more but wanted to run something by you guys.

    While M.Carter Brown is a great home that I'll never leave, some redundancy would be nice =) Just kidding. But seriously, I need a bit more room to put all of my junk and I don't really want to take up a lot of space on MCB (I mean I'll still spam) but I need a bit of organization.

    Which is why I've created (BETA), a general hub for design and arts. Moreso design for now, but maybe some weird arts people will come by eventually. The premise is just more custom projects oriented zone, and a alternative backup to seek shelter if MCB/customs ever goes down for maintenance. While the forum site definitely has a paintball orientation for now, like I said, it will dip into software/game development, and arts stuff, so it might get weird in the future I don't know lmao.

    Anyways, I didn't really layout the forum for any purpose other than posting my own junk, but I'd be glad to share this space with you guys and gals if you find it useful and in the spirit with the general nature of the site. I.e. Front page shop has space for other ppls stuff. Forums have lots of space for personal spaces and general spaces.

    TLDR : Wanna make design/arts oriented sister-ish site specifically only for that purpose. Asked Painthappy he said it'd be cool =)

    PS: The forum is locked down so if you do decide to make an account you won't be able to post or anything, it'll take a little while to setup the administrative backend stuff properly.
    Making new mods.