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Who can print something for me?

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    Who can print something for me?

    Not paintball related, but figured this is the best place to post.

    My brother is looking to have some air vent rings for his Tundra printed, I have the link from thingiverse. I figured a fellow MCBer would be able to provide quality service. We talk details and pricing in PMs.
    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    I don't do PETG which would probably be required for vehicle interior parts due to excess ambiant temps when parked in the sun. Good luck.

    If you can't find anyone then gimme a PM and I'll try some PETG lol xD tho my price will be 50usd shipped
    Pre-orders will ship out soon - sorry for the delays!

    Follow my twitter.


      Yeah, state your color preference and post that link. I just ran out of black PETG. If you are open to any color, that might make it easier (no telling what people have). Some files are difficult to print when they are not drawn for a printer.


        At the moment, I'm working on this for him. First one came out pretty decent.


          Lol, touch of a side track along the subject line.
          A buddy of mine has one with a table big enough to do something like a helmet....he is actually in special fx and such for a living, props for haunts and things.
          Watching the machine work and do it's thing is sort of magical the first few times. Quite astounding. I have found an item or two of thingyverse and had printed that were hard to locate elsewhere. I have about a 50/50 success rate in that one of the items was replacing a metal bracket on a GPU and was too thick to properly seat without modification (that I noticed too late and burned a card).