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All metal hot end VS good heatbreak

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    All metal hot end VS good heatbreak

    I am reviewing option for hot end upgrade for PETG print with my ender 5

    Do I really need to upgrade?
    And if yes can you help me deciding which option is best

    Option 1
    Micro Swiss all metal hot end

    Option 2
    Slice copperhead bimetal heatbreak for ender hot end

    I like option 2 since I wont have to redo wiring change the heating cartridge and thermistor

    Wondering what you guys think?

    Th3d ti tough heat break is an option too.

    I will add though. The switch a full metal high-end for me has been tricky. I'm having to redo all my profiles , fine tuning the retraction and flow rates for the petg I'm still struggling with

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      I switched to full metal hot end about a year and half ago and it's been amazing!
      I only use the cheap import/clone ($8-$10) ... But, I did upgrade to titanium heat break to combat heat creep (I had issues when ambient temp was above 80-85f)
      I do believe the clone/import are 99% of the way to the expense stuff ... The only difference being QC ... But the price difference still makes it worth it ...
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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