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.50 Cal Sniper

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    Originally posted by shooter311 View Post
    Savet I really dropped the ball on this one and I am sorry!

    So I worked on this a bit more and I got it working well, but I was still having problems with barrel breaks. Sometimes I could get quite a few shots off before I would have a break, but the .50cal was not easy to swab since I didn't have one made for that. Also, if I had a swab I didn't think the barrel/bolt would clean well as it is not as slick as metal. So I contacted PE and long story short I had to buy a Etek 5 conversion kit to get a cocker barrel (They were absolutely great and did give me a bit of a discount since I didn't care about anything but the barrel).

    Anyway, I made a new bolt and ended up creating a drop in insert for the chamber so the ball was level with the barrel. It worked well, but I was annoyed that due to the small opening on the bolt I had to really crank up the FPS to get up to 280fps. Well, I was working on that problem when I screwed up and some how in my haste shot some .50 cal out of the gun and it worked perfectly! In fact it was shooting way too fast. I then realized I didn't swap out the parts and I was using all .68cal parts with the .50cal barrel. So I did some testing, and it worked great, if I tried pumping super fast (autotriggering on a empire sniper) the ball would not make it into the barrel properly and pop. However, normal non-auto trigger play was perfect! I went and played some games with it and we had a blast, but they quickly wanted to upgrade to .68 and I haven't touched the barrel since!

    So in my experience all you need is a .50cal barrel.
    So if I'm understanding this right, I can just use any 50 cal barrel that is cocker threaded with normal parts and a 50 cal hopper? The only caveat is that I have to pump at a slower pace to avoid ball breaks?


    • shooter311
      shooter311 commented
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      That is what worked for me. Getting a .50 cal cocker barrel seems to be the struggle though.

    I don't know how accurate the sizing is with .50 cal, but if you're up for a bit of work, you could always use this:
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    • Savet
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      I ordered one. I'm thinking that I can chop an AC back and then do a glass or fiber wrap on the outside and then taper the inside as well. I'm concerned that the .68 chamber will result in chopped balls. I have some ideas, most of which will probably fail horribly. It won't be pretty, but this could be a fun project.