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Custom hopper feed help.

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    Well, figured Id share my progress.

    Sunday evening I took my reloader props, and my TSA props, and started mocking stuff.

    Much to my dwlight, the output shaft on the richochet motor is the same as the halo and the reloader.

    so im mocking stuff up, I realized having matching paddles in both hoppers caused a compliance issue. That being said, I figured Id mix and match paddles.

    The reloader hook fingers are also shaped that it wants to spin clockwise. To move balls.

    Naturally I put the reloader on the left hopper which apind clockwise, and a tsa paddle on the right.

    Checked spacing, and noticed the tsa paddle CAN block the feedneck if it stops in the right spot. Nbd. Ill adress that later.

    Load paint, and attempt a times hopper dump off. The tsa paddles jammed. I dumped the hopper out, and the long arm basically had a ball pinched between the paddle and the feedneck.

    So I decide tsa paddles arent gonna work.

    I then started digging around some more and found my old revvy with JmJ concepts aftermarket impeller installed. I put this in my right hopper.

    I fed 2 hoppers mint. First video I recorded, and it worked great. I wanted to see if the right feeds faster than the left or vice versa so I ran a second test feeding each feedneck into a different box. No video, but it worked.

    I got exactly 160 rounds out of each feedneck that yest, ao I figured I had my magic combination.

    Theb I went to record this video for an official bps count with different impellers. The video says it all. LOL.

    Back to the drawing board to a degree.

    Side note. I have an old busted up eggy. I have been mulling the idea of taking 2 eggy feed trays, and making a hopper with those, but thatll be another day.

    I had a bunch of pics of paddle configs and such, but its all failed tests regardless so this is it fer now.




        How well does it feed with just one side running? Can it agitate the off side enough?


        • BrickHaus
          BrickHaus commented
          Editing a comment
          Id have to remove the paddles on the otherside. As of now if the paddles stop spinning it stops feeding in the respective feedneck.

          Ive been tooling aroind some more. Stole the prop from an old beat up eggy. That prop seems to work nice.

          The jmj moved to the left hopper is pinching balls on the side wall and pop corning them. It shot 2 out of the hopper top in my test.

          My wife is going to bed so I have to stop dumping paint into a plastic bin below our bedroom for the night. Ill get there.