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Tippmann Phenom and Classic X7/A5 egrip custom firmware

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  • lhamilton1807
    commented on 's reply
    Put a post in the Ask the Experts forum. At least 18 people will already know the answer to any questions you might have 👍🏼

  • Kenno
    commented on 's reply
    Can anyone steer me to someone who can help with a Phenom using CO2 problem? Please email me at I really don't know my way around MCB very well.

  • lhamilton1807
    commented on 's reply
    This isn’t an official update from Tippmann. It’s homebrew code 🥸

  • BrickHaus
    I dont have any e grips that will utilize this anymore, but cool on em for updating their boards.

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  • Tippmann Phenom and Classic X7/A5 egrip custom firmware

    While doing some research I came across some YouTube videos for custom X7 Phenom firmware. Not for the APE board, but new firmware for the stock electronics. Apparently it’s also available for the stock A5 and classic X7 egrips as well. Has anyone tried this yet? Not that I think going to 30bps is really worthwhile or useful, but changing the rof or shots per burst as well as a cap on how many shots can be fired in auto mode seem like neat options.

    Link to the repo and documentation, with video links as well:

    Here’s the video demonstrating how it works: