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Is it just me or....

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    Is it just me or....

    isn't this overpriced? I'm pretty certain this is a normal WGP sledgehammer with a Twista kit, who in there right mind would pay $200 for that?

    That guy is notorious for putting insane prices on parts. eBay is always plauged with people putting up huge prices hoping someone will be so desperate as to pay $$$$.
    Check out my builds here -


      However that is exactly what the earlier belsales LPRs were. Sledgehammers with the belsales twister kit. Try finding a twister kit itself.
      If you are trying to build a period correct or full matching evolution, this is what you would need. So since all cocker prices are inflated and this is a very difficult part to find, this is what you get.

      Is it a whack price? Hmm, I think it’s very high and gouging, but honestly if you were trying to build an evo and had to have it, I bet most people would shell out $120 for that thing and hardly bat an eyelash.
      My feedback


        when you see the shocktech tech mat in the background, ignore the listing.
        It was probably tested, taken apart, cleaned, reassembled, tested disassembled, danced around, packaged for shipping, reassembled and tested prior to the sale.