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Where's the beef? Lots of bids

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    Where's the beef? Lots of bids

    This Ebay listing seems to have fairly second rate stbb and an excellent condition OG M98. Maybe I'm wrong but are Triads and Eradicators worth that much?

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    Id say no personally. That JCS peep sight is the most valuable thing in the lot to me. Lmao.


    • Carp


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      I don't know about that. Personally, I would put the tiger striped neoprene hopper cover, higher on the food chain. But, that's just my personal opinion...😉

    • BrickHaus


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      Okay, okay. The cover is of equal value.

    • fullofpaint


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      Those old Neoprene covers are the best. I've been shot from less than five feet away and still had it bounce off. My old revvy shell actually broke and I just left the cover on it to cover the hole haha. Never had an issue.

    How crap are these guns when five of them at $165 seems suspiciously high?

    To me, the pistol is the most interesting. Those go for like $40...


    • Carp


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      Oh...the JT ER2 can be an appealing choice, with the proper care and to Rainmaker ,if you have any doubts. 😉

    • SignOfZeta


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      I wanted to get a ERS but haven’t had any luck finding an new one for a good price...or any price really.

    this seller has been posting crap markers on a tile floor for YEARS. this is not the 1st time. and they ALWAYS go for much MUCH more than they're actually worth.
    i started following the posts and keeping tract of the bidders and winning bids to see if its the same people. my thought is money laundering or something.

    always the same tile floor background and always three figure price tag. keep an eye on the seller and youll see the same thing over and over again.


    • iamthelazerviking
      iamthelazerviking commented
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      Whoa, you may be on to something there. That is weird.

    We'll see what this one ends for. The tippmann 98 is a good one but worth maybe 80 to 100 max


      dosent matter about the 98C... look at the 4 below. they are literally the cheapest, worthless, horrific markers ever made.
      Price will still be a few hundred.
      and its every time. Similar sh!tty markers with no valve and it sells for a few hundred. and its not a bidding war at the end. its consistent bids throughout the listing.


        Ok, wtf is happening here?

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          It must be like the others suggested. Some kind of money laundering scheme maybe stolen paypal accounts or something.



            it’s still going. The same listing has sold with positive feedback from the buyers for over $1200 now


              Come on you guys…clearly you are missing the obvious $690 value of that tiger stripe hopper cover. don’t forget those are made of unobtainium and unicorn piss.

              Much value, very desire

              but really, likely a laundering scheme.
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              Rockin' a Phantom and a T2...CCI & CCM for the win.

              My Feedback:


                I'll take some of that action!

                Tiger stripe Revy cover for sale . $300 shipping included.

                includes free matching head band.

                You will be known as " El choto muy grande " if you were to own this item.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Revvy cover.jpg
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Size:	475.3 KB
ID:	147721
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                  any of you see the new listing?

                  newer spyder Xtra
                  VL Orion
                  Piranha R6
                  BE(/) Excalibur

                  $162 + $30(s&h)