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Are these things really worth that much?

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    Are these things really worth that much?

    Seems to be like from a really specific time period for collectors, I can't imagine anyone not just going 12 gram on constant air today.

    Rare item but starting price is too high IMO. It might sell for around that starting bid. It's one of those "where are you going to find another one" kinda deals.


      i've had a few; fun toys.
      nice historic piece for the collector/player. however, the seller is fishing for a payday.


        One of these sold for around $500 in the not-too-distant past so now there's blood in the water. They're certainly cool, but absolutely a novelty.
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          Pretty sure I have seen new in package ones listed for 600+ in the past as well
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            These turrets are super cool. But they managed to kill themselves out of the market. Before they arrived, constant air was not tournament legal. After they arrived, rules changed and reliable constant air was legalized for tourney play and the turret was made irrelevant.

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              They are gloriously novelty. I had a few sold mine for about $350 back before collector’s started paying big money for them. It’s hard to get them timed right. You still have to manually rotate that drum around. It’s hard to get the hang of them and It’s slower then your average lever changer because you need to insure they are orientated just right.

              I had to take my NIB one apart it explodes into a million pieces when you do BTW then figure out how it goes back together then work out the kinks. It’s a balance of proper torque and lots of locktite to get them to work. To tight on the screws they bind to loose the fall out. So you kind of glue them together with locktite lol.

              When you get them right they are fun and they look cool AF. But it’s a handy cap at best. I can change a bucket changer out about just as fast without all the extra drama, cost, and weight.

              But yeah the ACI bring that much especially in good condition. The War machine knock offs still bring $350-$400 easily. The remaining War Machine NOS were dumped on EBay for like $250 in unworkable condition not long ago. It’s a nightmare getting them right but they can work just as good as the ACI when setup right.


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                Editing a comment
                I always thought that the ACI's indexed with the changes and that was the big difference between the originals and the War Machine's.