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2000$ Spyder Victor?

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    2000$ Spyder Victor?

    I think someones kid got a hold of their ebay account. And the fact that someone bidded $2000 and another out bidded that.

    But you get 3 "3Skull" co2 bottles. I mean that's 9 skulls worth!
    Velcor will save us...

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      This is where it gets crazy. That it got up to 130 and then skyrocketed to 2000 and then someone else was like no I want it and then 2025. I think they meant to put 200, and 225.


        Isn't this that inflation tactic? It won't actually sell but I think you'll see more promos for Spyders with the increased traffic.

        I mean it is vintage


        • Mr. Hick

          Mr. Hick

          Editing a comment
          Bingo. This is just a shady play at getting it to pop up in everyone's algorithms

        I mean that asa is pristine! The drop screws...well it is used after all.
        BigRed's feedback


          yeah, you can bid anything you want and if you win, youre not required to actually pay. you can simply cancel.
          its a black mark but most people dont care about that.


            For that much it better have $1900 stuffed in the grips and barrel.
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