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Whippit FSC

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  • kyote
    Terrible waste of those cartridges, they deserve to be cracked off into balloons then wawawawawawa.

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  • Spec
    They should be interesting. N2O is 745 psi at 72 degrees. So it boils off like CO2.

    8 gr CO2 cart are available in bulk on Amazon. They are the same size. I got a batch for bar use, came to less than $.48 each shipped.
    Last edited by Spec; 10-24-2021, 12:27 AM.

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  • Toestr
    started a topic Whippit FSC

    Whippit FSC

    Nothing too strange aside from the nitrous oxide cartridges...

    Has anybody ever tried this? What kind of shot count can be expected?

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