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Mystery eBay gun?

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    Mystery eBay gun?
    once again have never seen one of these

    Looks an awful lot like an axe

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      Weird, seems like a chineese copy of something, Id like to see the internals.

      It looks like a java logo rather than lava.

      I feel its an invert mini copy, which may end up being a good buy for newer players depending on qc and such.

      Anyone else have any deets?


      • Jonnydread


        Editing a comment
        That was my first thought, a reinvented JAVA edition.

      Brand is apparently Mercury Rise. They've been covered here before for their stbbs nobody can seem to get much info on until they pop up in the wild.

      Pretty sure whoever makes the Valken .50cal stbb also manufacturers for them, so this might be related to the Valken Code?

      Here's a link to the company website:

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        Just looked at the Code. Yes, they're definitely related.

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            Didn't Invert buy the design for the original Mini off some Taiwanese company? I wonder if this could be a descendant of that same design.

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              This is what happens when valken sends a mini to Taiwan to get cloned then bails on another run of Codes.

              Knock offs of knock offs


                Yeah, definitely a Valken Code derivative. Probably made by the same OEM/ODM that made, and maybe designed, the Code for Valken. Probably a decent marker, like the Code, but overpriced. Realistically these should be priced around $200.
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