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Ebay Scam

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    Ebay Scam

    So one of my brothers was browsing ebay and came across this "Paintball Lot" listing, I will guarantee you that if you purchase it you'll be in for a headache.

    Long story short its a scam, the guy who sold this lot at one point is local to me and sold the lot to my other brother brother sometime last year.

    Funny, that my bro sent it to me today, I was just looking at the jt retro e flex in this lot at his house earlier and asked him where he had gotten it, anyways he's gone on to part out stuff he didn't want/need, so just to reiterate I'd advise you all to not even think about purchasing it as to save you from a headache, I've already gone to report the listing and contacted the original owner just to give him a heads up.
    paintball lot. Condition is Used. Great shape just leaving the sport. Need to sell ASAPĀ 
    My Feedback
    My Collection

    Yeahh sure someone is chomping at the bit to tie up $4k on a random pile of used up gear from a guy with 0 feedback. So he's sold this same lot multiple times? Just never delivered or what?


    • alpha_q_up


      Editing a comment
      Personally I don't think he'd be the kind of guy to try and scam somone, I mean who knows, but he originally sold the lot for wayyyyyyy cheaper than so he knew the value of his stuff and how to properly price it to move a lot,
      My biggest worry was people on here would see the the ID Hornet, the ULE Automag, a CCM S6 and a Black Magic pump, pb mafia leg harnesses, the two tanks, the freak and freak xl kit and give an offer of 2.5k or 3k and have a headache having to get the funds back