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Kinda buggy

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    Kinda buggy

    Franken buggy thing $1,000

    Sitting on bookface market: _top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks

    What you are looking at is so awesome it’s almost too much to take in. If you have a burning desire to make all your friends jealous when you roll up stylin in this contraption then look no further! This is a genuine confused motorized thing is a drifting beast with a 3800 Pontiac motor out of an 89 bonneville. I know what you are thinking, those cars are total chick magnets why would you ever destroy one to build this, and you are right...I don’t know what I was thinking but now it’s done. It runs and drives and even stops, what more could you ask for. Is it safe? Well if you have to ask that question then this machine is not for you. It does however have seat belts, sadly I have to admit the airbags are not functioning properly. And also the radio controls on the steering wheel don’t seem to work either. This sounds like a great thing for you to work on once it’s in your shop. Also if you want to add more horsepower you can just add some flame stickers for a quick 10hp gain. Basically if you don’t buy this you will regret it for the rest of your life, you deserve to be awesome and cruise around in this frankenbuggy.


    I'd daily in that


      Someone bought it! Watch for the accompanying Darwin Award or honourable mention.
      Cuda's Feedback