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Planet Eclipse ETHA 2 in 50 caliber

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    Planet Eclipse ETHA 2 in 50 caliber

    I saw an ETHA 2 in 50 caliber on eBay.

    Does anyone know what parts (and where to find) are needed to convert to 68 caliber?

    It has a different body, among other parts, that cannot be purchased as a separate part. There is not a way to convert the Etha2 or Emek between .50 and .68 caliber.
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      Actually.... You can buy everything you need to convert.

      Just need a core and front half of the bolt. Just need to call PE.

      Or.... You do like me.

      But one for the electric frame to swap back and forth on Emek's


        I thought PE had stated they were not selling the body cores. This is a change from the info that I had.
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          I bought one *shrug*

          That being said cheapest option is to buy this and an Emek you get two guns for less then a new Etha2


            And the ability to make 4 different combinations of mech/electronic and .50/.68 cal. Definitely a good deal.
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              Snagged one for $81.25 shipped 😳 HAPPY25 code took off $25


                This is a repost from another forum category on McB. Hope it helps.

                Hi, I purchased one off eBay for $120, if you have a bunch of buddies, they are selling for $102 each which is pretty good deal I think considering the POPs ASA ($40-$50) can be used on an EMEK. The eBay shipment came with the original storage case, grease and manual. It looked to have very low use for a field rental marker, though it was covered in paint everywhere.

                Back to the conversion question, the metal body is 50 cal (and doesn’t look to be an insert), so they will have to be machined, if possible. The gamma core will need a new top hat, spool, bolt (available aftermarket) and another part in-between (which I saw for $35 on a German paintball website).

                I emailed the German paintball website, and they said there was no conversion kit available. And the eBay seller said there was no conversion kit available.

                if ETHA 2 and EMEKs are the next autococker (in terms of accessories), then I’m hoping an aftermarket brand would offer a solution. I’m sure the demand will be there as this Planet Eclipse product line is really popular.

                Below is the eBay link, the seller mentioned they have/had about 60 units. So far eBay is saying 20 have been sold so far.

       EED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225118%26meid%3Da0f6ef4560814 0eaafcfbfecf5a4f2f8%26pid%3D100970%26rk%3D1%26rkt% 3D1%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D184422285457%26itm%3D184 422285457%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26bra nd%3DPlanet+Eclipse&_trksid=p2380057.c100970.m5481 &_trkparms=pageci%3Ad5684aaa-eda5-11ea-b97c-74dbd1802dc4%7Cparentrq%3A526d00621740a9c44edb7b51 ffffe8cc%7Ciid%3A1


                  Here are the unboxing and cleanup photos.
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                  • dano_____
                    dano_____ commented
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                    Mine was disgusting too, haha. On the plus side it has unopened lube, the parts kit, and wrenches with it. Also pals loader compatible so I don't need to buy a special .50 cal loader on rare chance I use it in that configuration. Still a steal for sure.

                  I now have two..... Both were gross but once cleaned were actually in very good shape!

                  I bought them for parts but may use one as is


                  • Wmasspeedsoft
                    Wmasspeedsoft commented
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                    I might grab another today.....only 9 left....

                  • Ecapnation


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                    Honestly... Cheap, functional, and versatile..... Can go wrong

                  Based off the link above, they’re sold out or pulled the listing. I missed another opportunity
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                    The seller posted another 3 units for sale, but not at the low, low price that was available yesterday.


                      Just bought one. 145 bucks, my local pb shop may still have a burnt Etha body and core.
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