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Viper M1 With stock, barrels, and case

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    Viper M1 With stock, barrels, and case

    Looks like a tacticool STBB with a power feed. Never seen one of these before. Does foregrip have an integrated asa?
    Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky:
    “You don’t need a safety keep your booger hook on the bang switch.​“

    I do think the foregrip is an asa like the Pro tram intruder grips.

    I always thought these were kinda cool.


      Yes, the foregrip has a built in ASA. Here's a picture of one I used to own (in rare Purple Tiger splash)...

      Click image for larger version

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      It's sized for common CO2 tanks. The gun will run fine off a high pressure HPA tank, but those tanks are fatter and might not fit in such an orientation.

      With the tank at such a pronounce downward angle, and the foregrip acting as a very large expansion chamber, these run very well off CO2. Almost impossible to get them to pull liquid from the tank with normal use, so no random spikes in velocity.

      Internally they're a stacked tube blowback, but not spyder spec'ed. Closer to F1/Raptor with a small diameter valve and hammer, but really well built. They have their own boredrop twist lock barrel like an Automag, but not compatible between the two.
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        I wish I had never let mine go. Best balance and feel of any stbb ever. That powerfeed always made for a weird dynamic when one added a whale bladder or an APP 50 rounder (which was all we had then besides the qloader). The ASA access an expansion chamber and this thing runs really well on CO2 I can’t remember that it works very well on high pressure air. Definitely a piece of paintball nostalgia .

        I ordered mine right after I got back from OIF 3&4 and the lady said they were liquidating at that time and gave me a bunch of stuff for free because I was military lol.


          I couldn't help myself, this one is coming my way. I missed the old Purple Tiger, and couldn't bear to cover that anno with some fun tacticool doodads I wanted anyways, but this one is just good old basic black. Less cool, more tinker friendly.


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            Nice! Glad it’s going to a home where it will be loved.

          Darn it Too late to the post :-P

          I still need some internals to get my Viper working. Any ideas where I can get a hammer/striker for the Viper?