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Earon Carter mid-block autococker??

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    Earon Carter mid-block autococker??

    hmm.. I suppose it was possible, but I doubt it.. this seller legit?

    back in march was being sold by this pbn account:

    Nothing about this screams Carter to me. Maybe if it had Carter cuts.

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      The asa plugged with the mini front block just looks wired ...
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        The fact that the damn fool can't even spell "Erin's" name correctly leads me to believe he's full of shiza to the gills.


          Soo.... I know some of the history of this marker. I believe it was given to Ryan Callahan from Mr. Carter when he lived in cali and playing pump religiously. Moved to SC and played in our local pump group and gave the body to David Thames (pbnation user Magfeed) he built it into what is seen on pbnation.. David sold it recently on ebay.
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            Editing a comment
            I went back 3yrs on eBay and didn't see this marker sold, maybe he listed it under something I'm not searching

          cool idea until you break paint in the breach.. quick! Allen key, screw, back plate, pin, bolt, swab, swab, "I'm hit!"


            I was in talks to the owner of this marker, he lives a few towns over from me. Was trying to sell this and a few other autocockers to buy my Wave build automag Luke put out this year. Haven't heard back from him. The cottoncandy oil wash belsales blizzard cocker that Travis had recently was his as well.


              I bought my Shocktech Vortex from him. All I'm going to say is be careful and know exactly what you're buying.


                Doesn't really matter who cut that body because its a generic couple of slots, might as well be done by your next door neighbor.