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Too expensive - lefty mag

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    Too expensive - lefty mag

    Nice example of a left handers minimag though, with lefty valve, and lefty smart parts wood grips.

    Too much money by far but, nice gun.

    here is another pricey one, but comes with a rare Diamond Labs valve, and a Taso(?) ccccuuuttttt frame! Shame on that double trigger lovin' buffoon!

    '96 RF Mini Cocker, '95 RF Autococker, Trilogy SF Autococker (mech'ed) , 68-Automag Classic, Banzai Splash Minimag, Gen-E Matrix, Shoebox Shocker 4x4, Warp Feed Rainmaker, Montneel Z-1, Tippmann Pro-Carbine, Tippmann Mini-Lite, Tippmann Model-98, Tippmann SL-68II , Tippmann 68-Special, Spyder .50 cal Opus/Opus-A , Liquid CO2 Spyder Victor II , Tippmann .50 Cal Cronus , Gog Enmey .50 cal , Tippmann Vert ASA 68-Carbine

    Meleager7 Feedback:


    • BrickHaus


      Editing a comment
      I know a guy who could fix that frame. Lol

    Dang. I've wanted to dip my toes back in the Automag game but not at those prices. Crazy times.


      That isn't how much automags are actually worth, these are just high prices. I only posted it because it is a nice example of a factory configuration left hander mag + the extra left hander smart parts grips.


        That lefty is kinda nice.... The price is $400+ high...



          I always wanted to get lefty and righty grips and make one set of ambi grips.

          I swear I've seen left handed PMI wood grips for sheridans, and wanted to make a set of those without a thumb wrest too, but never found a set of lefties and gave up after years of not looking very hard :P