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Quantum Leap

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    Quantum Leap

    not mine

    Used paintball gear ,My 4 sons played years ago and it hasn't been used in years, I will describe them as best I can but with my limited knowledge of these the pictures are your best bet.
    '96 RF Mini Cocker, '95 RF Autococker, Trilogy SF Autococker (mech'ed) , 68-Automag Classic, Banzai Splash Minimag, Gen-E Matrix, Shoebox Shocker 4x4, Warp Feed Rainmaker, Montneel Z-1, Tippmann Pro-Carbine, Tippmann Mini-Lite, Tippmann Model-98, Tippmann SL-68II , Tippmann 68-Special, Spyder .50 cal Opus/Opus-A , Liquid CO2 Spyder Victor II , Tippmann .50 Cal Cronus , Gog Enmey .50 cal , Tippmann Vert ASA 68-Carbine

    Meleager7 Feedback:

    I been watching it. I doubt that will go cheap it’s labeled right so it’s gunna tick the Book Face flipper’s.


      The gold cham mas alone will pull over 250


        Yeah those frames on BookFace will bring a lot. Bottoms really don’t bring much.