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H8ter - So much hate!

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    H8ter - So much hate!

    Sold for $410 with Free Shipping

    Any guesses on the winning bid? Now we know, but who bought this one?

    H8ter on the bay for you unicorn hunters. For the minority who do know not know, this is a "New and Improved" Vector. There is a story if you are wanting to track it down. Boils down to promises made, money exchanged, little delivered. But some of them did make it intact into the wild. =p2055359.m1431.l2649

    H8ter Air Power Vector Vintage Paintball Marker. Condition is "Used". Leaking, but airs up and shoots. Not sure where it's leaking from. Assume it will need orings and lube. Autococker threads. The anno is pretty poorly done probably in a garage. Some scratches in ASA.
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    Ok.. which of you guys snagged this one?


      All I know is it's a good thing I didn't see this post until today.
      My wife would have killed me.


      • un2xs
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        For what it's worth, at least one of my Vectors is alive. It might have even made it to a field.

        An acquaintance I knew from playing at Crazy Chris's Paintball has temporary custody. He likes old and oddball guns. Rebuilding then is fun for him. He got my Blazer 1K rebuilt and tuned up. He was raving about it until he shot one of my 98 Foxes. (He now wishes he had bought a Fox back in the day.)

        I hope you are staying safe out there.
        James in Manhattan

      not me,

      410 sounds like a fun project to me


        someones in for some disappointment...
        Its all peaches & sunshine baby, peaches & sunshine..
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