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VL3000 hopper auction on the bay

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    VL3000 hopper auction on the bay

    At $100 I don't think its worth it. Only good for making any marker you put it on look silly .
    <p>Old School Vl3000! 300rd Capacity With Working Agitator And Sensor Eye!. Be the ultimate back man that can lay down constant steady suppressing fire and dominate with this huge capacity hopper! Super rare! Great shape and fully functional! Brand new Duracell batteries INCLUDED! Condition is "Used".</p>

    They work great but they make a marker very top heavy.
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      I don't shoot 300 rounds most days, let alone in one game. Guess it's a good gym alternative.
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        For $45 more you could have an OD one (not me: If I found one for cheap I'd get it for the ridiculous factor alone.
        Velcor will save us...

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          I have one or two if anyone is really looking for a VL3000. I just use them for pictures. I think $45 is a fair price.


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            I used to use one of these on my first Mag in 90's. They're ridiculous. I want one of yours, PMing you.